Trapmaster Raccoon Catcher Trap #tmaster

Trapmaster Raccoon Catcher Trap

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NEW: Trapmasters now with new ZINC coating to prohibit rusting.

This is the species-specific CoonCatcher by TrapMaster. 100% Dogproof. Comparible to the Lil Griz Getzr'. The raccoon must reach into the trap, grasp the trigger, and pull on it. The trap will NOT FIRE if an animal pushes on the trigger. Since the trap requires a "grab & pull" action to fire the trap, it eliminates most animals from firing it, except the raccoon. This action makes this trap virtually dog-proof. The CoonCatcher measures 4.25"L x 1 7/8" diameter. The hole that the raccoon reaches through to reach the bait is 1 5/8" in diameter.

The Trapmaster CoonCatcher has a unique triggering mechanism in that the trigger and the dog are connected. The trap is set by compressing the rod dog inward against the spring and forcing the trigger in to the hole in the side wall of the metal cylinder. There is a notch which catches on the sidewall of the trap. Only by pulling the trigger upward will the trap fire.

The trap comes complete with a  Heavy Duty swivel at each end of the anchoring chain, as well as an inline shock absorbing spring.

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