J.W. Crawford's Water Trapping DVD 2-Disc Set #11714crawfsale

J.W. Crawford's Water Trapping DVD 2-Disc Set

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J.W. Crawford's Water Trapping: Understanding Aquatic Furbearers. 2 Disc Set

Water trapping takes us back to our roots in trapping. This country was
founded and opened on the beaver fur industry and North American fur
still thrives today. In this video, John W. Crawford takes you on a
five state journey trapping on some of the finest waterways in the US.
For the beginner or expert, this 2-disk DVD extensively covers all
aquatic furbearers in a simple, down to earth fashion.


Mink, Muskrat, Coon, Beaver and Otter
Dozens of sets and locations shown
Biology segment and studies disclosed
Proper tools and equipment covered
Take a child trapping segment
Skinning and fur handling
and much much more...
3 1/2 Hours - 2 disk

Featuring special guest authors and trappers:

Alan. P.Claycomb
Bruce Slater
Dave Rodgers
John Chagnon

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