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* #106 "Long Call" - "106" ia a loud, lasting , call lure. It's a darn good attractor for fox, bobcat and fisher. "106" really excels once temperature begins to drop and the colder it gets, the more impressed you will be.

* #107 "Red and Grey" - A top-notch fox, coyote and cat lure. Red and Grey is a curiosity lure that really holds predators at the set. I've seen tracks in the snow (over frozen traps) where fox have left, then came back and worked it again. A dependable lure, good all season.

* #108 "Pelt Taker" - A mild curiosity type lure attractive to a wide range of furbears. I like "108" in gang sets or as a mild back-up lure where fox have been pressed hard. "108" is a waterproof base in paste form. Put up in wide mouth bottles for convenience.

* # 109 "Desert Dog" - This is a "western type lure," first time offered to the public. It is a top notch red fox lure appealing mainly to adult males.

* #301 "Coyote Special" - "301" is a high performance coyote gland lure. It was developed for use in heavy pressured areas. Predator control men depend heavily on this lure to aid in getting the old steel avoiders. This lure is especially effective on old male coyotes. Coyote Special will also work as a switch in many areas on red fox.

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