Safeguard® Squirrel Controller Traps

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Controller Traps
Let the Critters Remove Themselves

         Why not let squirrels and other small animals remove themselves from unwanted areas?  Safeguard Squirrel Controller's have mounting wings made to attachment over the entry hole.  A one way gate let's gray, red, flying squirrels and other small animals to easily exit, but prevents them from returning.  It's that simple!


  • Mounting wings allow mounting flush to wall or roof opening.
  • One way gate for easy exit.
  • Prevents new squirrels from entering building.
  • Made in the USA and covered by a 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defects.


Dimensions (L x W x H) Stock # Mesh Applications
10" x 3.5" x 3.5" 53120 .5" x 1" 16 gauge gray, red and flying squirrels
12" x 5" x 5" 53110 .5" x 1" 16 gauge gray, red and flying squirrels


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