Safeguard® 53800 Turtle Trap

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Safeguard Turtle Trap has been developed to capture and remove nuisance turtles from residential and commercial landscaping

Features & Applications:
Over the past several years, millions of homeowners have enhanced their residential landscaping to include a pond and exotic fish. Unfortunately, these ponds can become a haven for wild turtles that create a hazard for the pond and it's fish.

This unique trap has been designed to be used in multiple applications.

The trap can be used as a floating trap, capturing multiple nuisance turtles in the water and retaining them so they can be removed from the property. The trap's innovative design also allows it to be used on dry land in applications where a land trap is needed.


30 L x 20 W x 18"H
All weather, texture coated "sunning" ramps for easy capture
Includes 4 floats for in water trapping Guillotine style door with trip pan for land trapping applications
Manufactured using GALFAN high corrosion resistant wire mesh
Top mounted carrying handles
Includes all hardware and brackets
Easy to assemble- instructions included

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