Victor® Easy Set Gopher Trap 2 Pack

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Victor® Pest Product. Best used for eliminating gophers. This sure fire trap is an effective control device for these destructive animals.

Mole and Gopher Facts

Body Description - Small, thick-bodied creatures with narrow, pointed noses.  They have a wedge shaped head and long forelegs that work as shovels.  Front paws have long, broad nails.
Eyes & Ears - Moles are almost blind and have no external ears, but they can still hear very well.
Foods of Choice - Worms and insects
Home Descriptor - You will find a cone-shaped mound directly above.


Body Description - Short legs and  broad head
Eyes & Ears - Very small features
Foods of Choice - Roots, stems, leaves, grass, etc.
Home Descriptor - Gophers build underground tunnel systems several feet long and can build over 200 mounds a year.

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