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Blackie's Blend Quality trapping lures that work guaranteed! A leader in the scent industry.

Available in the following 1 or 4oz. glass bottles:

*Deathwind - Early season lure. Superbly blended for fox, bobcat, coyotes, coon and mink.

*Red Ranger- Aged and mellow red fox gland lure for the serious fox trapper.

*Grey Dog - Coyote glands properly aged. Stout and lasting for the coyote trapper who wants a thick, dependable gland lure.

*Night Bandit - A powerful food call lure for coons. Will not freeze or dry out. The colder the weather the stronger the lure.

*Boar's Delight - A 100% pure coon gland lure. Best for mating season work.



*Shellfish Oil - Strong, penetrating and lasting odor will completely captivate coons. Very oily. Excellent for mink and grey fox. Good all season.

*Brown Buck - Mink call lure. Water resistant.

*Moneymaker - Muskrat lure. Made with 17 high powered ingredients blended into a waterproof base. Great on coons.

*Magnum Call - Truly a big gun of long distance cold weather calls. Harsh and loud. Use of pure skunk quill along with other loud goodies really call the fox, coyote, cats and fisher.

*Brush Master - Grey fox gland lure. Perfectly aged glands.


  *Spotted Fury - Bobcat gland lure. Excellent for fox and coon too!

*High Voltage - For early season predators.

*TKO - Thick, powerful, predator food gland call lure.

*Tail Slapper - A fine beaver lure made of castor and muskrat in a waterproof base.

*Sugar Babe - Our sweetest most fragrant lure. Developed for the serious muskrat trapper. It's also a food lure for beaver and coon. Contains white willow bark powder as a holder and side odor. Thick, sticky and loud.


 Num Chuck - (Groundhog food lure) Targets groundhogs (woodchucks) only. Absolutely no 'coon, cats, possums etc. 100% natural plant base. Available in 1 and 4oz. glass bottle.


 Power Putty - Bridge abutments, buckets, culverts, root systems 4oz only.


 Night Mist - Raccoon proof super 'rat lure

Sledge Hammer - Thick syrupy Raccoon Call lure.



 *Fatal Attraction - Shellfish bait with added twist of strong side odors to make it different and stand out from the others.

*3-Meat - Fox & Coyote bait. Three wild meats put up in a heavy paste bait. Formulated for the canine to eat, 3 Meat will peak his interest and entice him to work the set.

*My-T-Mouse - Great bait for all predators. OUT OF STOCK

*Main Squeeze - Liquid predator bait in 8oz. squeeze bottle for easy application.

*Whistle Stop - Woodchuck bait that is unnattractive to coon, cats, skunk, dogs, possum etc. Great for the nuisance trapper that just wants to catch Woodchucks.

*Fur King - Our #1 selling sweet paste bait. Used by ADC officers around the country! Loud and sweet bait creates intense hunger and curiosity year round on fox, coon, woodchuck, beaver, muskrats, nutria and skunk.

*Thumbs UP - Fish paste bait. Very good for coon and mink. A heavy fish paste bait with a strong odor.

Cat-N-Mouse Lure/Bait - Original food lure with base of 'cat and mouse. Pulverized & emulsified. Good early thru mid-season. Cat n Mouse is shot with tracers and lacers to further enhance and entice the predator.


































































































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