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Victor Tin Cat

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Product Description
Product Description
Victor Tin Cat Repeating Mouse Trap is a non-lethal approach to controlling any mice problem you might have. This mouse trap is constructed of heavy gauge, galvanized steel and has a hinged top for easy disposal and cleaning. Approved for use in FDA and USDA inspected plants. Model #M308 with See Through Lid.

All About Mice

 The house mouse is just about what you’d expect a mouse to be – small (2 to 3 inches), gray-brown, with an almost naked tail as long or longer than its body and weighing less than an ounce. The mouse, however, can eat about one-tenth of its weight each day. Its origin is Europe accompanying the early settlers on their ships to the New World and has since established themselves almost continent-wide.

As you may guess with the name House Mouse, these creatures prefer life indoors, whether it be an apartment complex or single-family dwelling. They prefer the comfort of niches between walls and behind cabinets and appliances.

The House Mouse has a very prolific reproductive system breeding year round and having as many as eight litters annually. Females can start having their litters at the age of one and a half to two months. Life expectancy for a wild mouse is no more than one year.

Mice have a diet of a variety of foods, such as seeds, grains and nuts requiring only about 1/10 ounce of food each day, and can live without access to fresh water as long as their solid food is fairly moist.


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