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Oscar Cronk is a professional trapper and lure maker with over 50 years of experience. All lures packaged in 1oz. glass boston rounds.

Choose from:

Fox No. 1 - One of the best fox lures on the market.

Old Timers Fox Call - Will call fox from distances.

Coyote Supreme - A superb Yote lure.

Predator 500 - Will attract all predators.

Fisher No. 1

All Fur Call - One of Cronk's best sellers!

Muskrat No. 1

Musky Musk

Bobcat No. 1

Raccoon No. 1

Beaver No. 1

Allagash Fur Call - This is a Great LDC lure.

Supreme Fox & Coyote Bait 4oz. - Extra ingredients makes this supreme bait sure to attract any predators in the area. Also makes a fine fisher, bear, coon and wildcat bait.


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