Weasel and Rodent Trap Catch Box #wrtrap

Weasel and Rodent Trap Catch Box

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This is a great choice for catching weasel, chipmunks, barn rats and even red squirrels.  The unique lid slides so that you can drop in a rat snap trap. The bait can be put the back of the box. This will draw in the animal through the hole in front causing it to go directly in the trap on the inside. The locking lid makes it cat and raccoon proof. The overhang on the front keeps snow out. You can paint it white to blend in with the snow or seal to waterproof it if you want.

15" Long by  4" wide and 5.5" High

You can buy just the box


You can buy the COMBO Package  which includes the 1 Weasel and Rodent Catch Box, 1 Snap Rat Trap, 1 Victor Snap Rat Trap

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