New Age DP Coon Trapping Methods Book by Leroy Renno

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New Age DP Coon Trapping Methods Book by Leroy Renno

In the last few years there has been a big change in the way folks go about trapping raccoon. This change has been brought about by an influx of so called "Dog Proof" traps on the market. Although DP traps are very simple and efficient to use, there are still trappers out there that have not come to grips with the proper system of DP 'coon trapping. Leroy Renno, a very accomplished trapper, saw the need for a method book focusing specifically on their use.

Since this book focuses on DP 'coon traps, Leroy gets down to business and gives a description of the nature and mechanics of this "new age" device. The DP, or dog proof trap is a small, tubular, foot encapsulating device designed to secure an animal, or more specifically a 'coons foot as he tries to extract an object of interest from inside this device. It is designed to be a species specific trap and it probably is the closest thing on the market to meet such criteria. NEW AGE DP Coon Trapping Methods covers the following subjects: The Nature of the Coon Locating Coon The DP Trap DP Trap Treatment and Care Trap Anchoring Mounting/Bedding DP Traps DP Trap Covers Set Location Baits and Attractors Fish Meal Weather Frozen Ground Mixed Target Trapping Bits and Pieces - Summing It All Up Preparing 'Coon Pelts for Market Skinning Fleshing Proper Stretching and Drying Fixing Damaged Pelts Fur Prepping Tip Conclusion

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