Duke Heavy Duty 36x15x14 X-Large Cage Trap #0001114

Duke Heavy Duty 36x15x14 X-Large Cage Trap

Brand: Duke

Item#: 0001114

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Duke Standard and Heavy Duty Cage Traps offer the ultimate variety in Humane Live Catch Cage Traps today. The Standard Cage Traps feature steel rod reinforced Spring Loaded Doors, pressure sensitive trip mechanisms and a durable, concealable green powder coated finish. For the animal control professional and trapper, Duke also offers top of the line Heavy Duty Cage Traps featuring all steel rod gravity drop doors, bait protected cage mesh, and a complete internal steel rod frame. All cage trap models are constructed to provide for exceptional durability with no harm to the animal. Note additional shipping charges may apply to selected zip codes.

Model 1114  Large Raccoon, Foxes, Cats  36x15x14 (X-Large)  17lbs.

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