A to Z Trapping Canines DVD by John W. Crawford #0001218

A to Z Trapping Canines DVD by John W. Crawford

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This is the DVD "A to Z Trapping Canines The Video" is a  companion to the book "The Canine Trapper's Encyclopedia (2013) and contains much of the information contained in the book by via video. This two disk set features the author and trapper John W. Crawford trapping in his home state for red fox and coyote, as well as many other terrains and states.

Topics include sets for red fox, greys and coyotes. Trap selections, tuning, preparation and equipment for trapping canines. Freeze and weather proofing sets. Detailed instructions for both fox and coyote. Proper bait and lure selection. Interviews with Glenn Witchey of Sleepy Creek, Bryan Flowers, Bruce Slater and R.L. Adkins.

Over 3 hours of pure canine trapping instructions on 2 DVD's.

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