The Art of DP Coon Trapping by Bryan Flowers #00021815

The Art of DP Coon Trapping by Bryan Flowers

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The Art of DP Raccoon Trapping DVD by Bryan Flowers

International trapper and hunter Bryan Flowers takes you on his northern PA. trapline in search of ringtails with the use of DP traps. In this video, he explores all the methods and techniques for successful raccoon trapping using the innovative DP raccoon trap. Filmed in Northern and Southeastern PA, this 90 minute video will increase  your knowledge on trapping the masked bandit! Features special quest John W. Crawford who also serves as Producer for the video. Features: The DP (dogproof) raccoon trap; Locations; Proper use of tools and equipment; Baits and Lure; Big River Trapping; Gang Setting. BONUS Material: Bear Trapping in Maine and Fox Trapping in Northern PA.

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