The Art of Fox Trapping by Bryan Flowers #0002316

The Art of Fox Trapping by Bryan Flowers

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Bryan Flowers Presents The Art of Trapping Foxes DVD

Seasoned trapper Bryan Flowers takes you deep into the mountains of PA. as well as the rolling hills of Southeastern PA. in search of the illusive fox. This 100 minute DVD covers all aspects of fox trapping, with techniques that also cover coyotes. All elements of fox and canine trapping are covered including:


Multiple sets covered

Freeze and weather proofing

Baits and Lures

Proper Trap anchoring

Numerous catches of fox and coyote shown

Filmed on an actual working trapline, this DVD is the next generation of instruction that steps outside the box with the newest and best techniques for fox trapping. The truck is loaded and ready to roll....hop in and prepare to learn the art of trapping foxes.

Bryan Flowers is a trapper and hunter from Bradford, PA that has hunted and trapped all across the USA. and currently lives with his wife in rural PA.


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