On the Prowl for Bobcats - DVD - by Ray Milligan #00032315

On the Prowl for Bobcats - DVD - by Ray Milligan

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Ray Milligan's "On the Prowl for Bobcats" DVD takes you step by step from the equipment shed to the field in a matter of fact, no nonsense style. Details the how to, when to and where to of making your sets, and deals with the elements, from frozen to wet to snow covered ground, teaching you how to catch bobcats in all conditions. Covers correctly maintaining a trapline, preparing and selecting equipment, and proper use of lures, baits, urine and other attractors. The methods demonstrated in this DVD are the methods used by Ray to catch several hundred bobcats and over 10,000 predators in his trapping lifetime.

2-1/2 hours. The Art of the 2" Circle.

Copyright 2014

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