One Square Mile Coyote Trapping Book by Ed Schneider #031815

One Square Mile Coyote Trapping Book by Ed Schneider

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Ed Schneider's "One Square Mile" Book

Ed Schneider's "One Square Mile" Book was written to add fur to your stretchers. This 86 page predator trapping book was written in 2012 and features the following chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the square mile principle
  • Looking at opportunities
  • Persistence and adding fur on an old line
  • Cagey coyotes
  • Thinking cats
  • Keeping it simple
  • Baits and lures
  • Snaring
  • Vehicles and more

See how Ed Schneider traps 30 to 40 coyotes per square mile by using his "One Square Mile" principle. He not only shows you how he identifies coyote dispersal and travelways, but he also discusses how he continues to pound coyotes and keep the catch going on the same property week after week. 87 pages.

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