Nite Lite Tracker Light Package Camo LED #1095ap

Nite Lite Tracker Light Package Camo LED

Brand: Nite Lite

Item#: 1095ap

Price: $109.99

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Tracker Light Package Camo LED

Item Number: 2095-AP
The Tracker is a light system for every hunter and outdoorsman. Features include: 6-volt, 4-amp rechargeable battery pack in Cordura Nylon camo pouch; 5 1/2 hours of continuous burn time per full charge; 80,000 C.P. LED bright lighting; adjustable beam headlamp; heavy-duty wall charger; and adjustable camo soft cap with bracket. Available in Realtree All Purpose Camouflage. It is a versatile three-lights-in-one system: hands-free headlamp, handheld lantern and belt-worn walking light. The Tracker is the perfect hunter's companion, ideal for tracking harvested game, locating your tree stand or duck blind in those dark pre-dawn hours, and most of all, shining those coon eyes in the tops of the tallest trees.
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