Coyote Trapping Reducing the Numbers - by Mark June #2525016

Coyote Trapping Reducing the Numbers - by Mark June

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Coyote Trapping DVD - Reducing the Numbers by Mark June

Mark produces some of the best DVD's in the industry today!

Join professional trapper and biologist Mark June (TX) as he teams up with full time ADC agent Rusty Johnson (GA) as they work "paying jobs" in three states during different months of the year. They hold nothing back, showing you in great detail how to catch large numbers of coyotes right out of the gate... in those critical first nights your traps are set out. Fast-paced, in-the-field action, filmed in high quality SONY(R) digital technology. Shows you how to get the coyote numbers reduced in your area!

Filmed in Alabama, South Carolina, and Texas.

120 minutes.   Copyright 2016.

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