Sleepy Creek #4 1/2 Longspring OS Beaver Trap  #4.5OSsclong

Sleepy Creek #4 1/2 Longspring OS Beaver Trap

Brand: SCM

Item#: 4.5OSsclong

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#4½ Long Spring Beaver Trap

• Frame - 2 pc, 3/16" thick x 1-¼ wide. Chain is center mounted with reinforced chain strap & 1¼ D-Ring
• Cross - 1-piece 3/16" thick with staked pan post.
• Offset Jaw - 7-½" spread. ¼" thk x ¾" wide with 1/8" cut in offset.
• Chain - 3/16 Proof Coil Chain, w/3 swivel points (welded "J" hooks)
• Pan - Straddle Pan with extra gussets for strength and visual Dog Engagement with a Stainless Steel Crimped Bolt & Brass Nut
• Springs - 10 gauge Heavy Duty, Heat-treated Spring Steel, Purposely made it fold inside the frame for easy carrying.
• Weight - 4 pounds 7 ounces

Our Newest Addition to the SCM Trapline
Target Species - Beaver, Wolf & Mountain Lion
Photo shows trap prior to stamping with the beaver logo

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