Caribou Knives Fleshing Tool #423425cb

Caribou Knives Fleshing Tool

Brand: Caribou Knives

Item#: 423425cb

Price: $39.99

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Caribou Knives - A quality product Made in Canada.

The manufacturing of high quality knives requires great skill and experience and the choice of material is vital. Caribou knives are made of from Swedish surgical stainless steel. It is a hardenable high-carbon-chromium steel with high corrosion and wear resistance after hardening. Caribou knives are heat-treated with precision equipment to obtain the best combination of hardness and durability. The handles are injection molded from a special thermoplastic material for a non slip and comfortable feel. Caribou knives are fully guaranteed for quality workmanship and edge holding ability.

#423 Small Fleshing Tool  $39.99ea.

#425 Large Fleshing Tool  $44.99ea.

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