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Duke #4 Coil Spring Trap (4 Coiled/Offset Jaws) #503

Duke #4 Coil Spring Trap (4 Coiled/Offset Jaws)

Item#: 503

Price: $14.50

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#4 Duke Coil Spring Trap (4 Coiled/Offset Jaws)


The #4 Duke 4-Coiled Offset Jaws Coil Spring Trap has a 6 1/2" jaw spread, and is recommended by Duke for use in taking bobcat, coyote and lynx.

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  Saturday, July 19 2014 at 11:18 PM MDT
Author: Brian Hancock     Rating:

The offset of these traps is not wide enough to meet the legal requirement in Canada and A.I.H.T.S.The jaws are very tight within the trap body and not free enough to be as fast as a better built trap.You will have to set the pan tension on every one you buy. I bought two dozen and they ranged from two to seven pounds.Buy the time I finished modifying them I'd have been money ahead to have bought a higher quality trap.Same old get what you pay for.

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