Lenon's Original Trapping Lures #694

Lenon's Original Trapping Lures

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Lenon's Famous Original Trapping lures are back! Packed and Compounded in the USA.  Tested and proven effective on numerous traplines throughout the country. Packaged in 1 oz glass bottles. Lenon's Natures Call lures are liquid.

Note we have limited supply on Lenon's lures at this time. Packaged in 1oz. glass for freshness.

Mink Super All Call - A thick and long lasting paste lure. This lure works where others fail! 4oz. available

Muskrat Super All Call - Muskrats really go for this powerful and unique aroma of intensely sweet  aromatics, essential oils, musk and a remarkable secret ingredient used  by no other lure maker! Once you see the results of this totally waterprood, thick paste lure you will never trap without it! It's an amazing raccoon lure as well. 4oz. also available.

Raccoon Super All Call - No raccoon will pass this extraordinary lure! Features a thick paste based blend of the raccoons favorite foods.

Beaver Super All Call - This heavey greasey consistency totally waterproof paste lure contains plenty of high quality castor, oils and unusual aromatics that make it irresistable to beaver in any season. 4oz also available 

Weasel Super All Call - A thick paste formula. Its a deadly mink lure too!

Mink Super Range All  Call - Thick past lure for mink. Multiple ingredients for more calling power. Available in 4oz.

Bobcat Nature Call - This popular liquid  type urine gland passion scent with a touch of genuine catnip really holds their attention.

Coyote Nature Call - This is a top of the line lure that gets the really suspicious coyotes right to your set! A liquified mixture of select glands and female extractions. Natural passion and curiosity agents added.

Mink Nature Call - The most attractive lure of its type ever sold period, full stop!

Fox Nature Call - A premium mixture of Red Fox Glands and enhanced female secretions are liquified into a remarkeable natural type lure. This will really bring the fox to your sets.

Coyote Super Range All Call - Same thick paste, multiple ingredient formula as Coyote #1 with more calling power. Pure skunk musk and another powerful musk are added to call in the coyote from long distance. This lure is recommended for inexperienced trappers who have not perfected set location…for anyone trapping in areas where good set visibility is lacking…and for more calling power in extremely cold weather. This is also an effective lure for Wolf, Badger, and Wolverine!

Coyote Super All Call - Many years of long line professional trapping experience perfected this well aged, long lasting, thick paste lure that gets the coyote every time! Coyote glands, exotic musk, and multiple premium ingredients appeal to all known calls of the coyote; hunger, sex, curiosity, and nature. Both Coyote and Wolf will always respond to this exceptional lure! Maximum action guaranteed at any type set in any locality. Our best selling coyote lure for over 75 years!

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