Eastern Raccoon Trapping – Roads, Creeks & Rivers DVD

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Eastern Raccoon Trapping "Roads, Creeks and Rivers" DVD

Follow professional trappers Matt Jones and Len Williams throughout the bluff and river country of Kentucky, Illinois, and Tennessee as they show the proven methods and techniques that have helped them harvest thousands of raccoons over the years. Eastern raccoon trappers are forced to deal with numerous obstacles such as fluctuating water levels, rough terrain, abundant weather changes, and other trappers. Matt and Len show how they have learned to compensate for these problems and catch hundreds of raccoons each season. Coverage of #220s in coon boxes and trails, plus water sets using foot traps. Includes segments on bait making and skinning. So sharpen your skinning knife and get ready to see "Eastern Raccoon Trapping – Roads, Creeks, and Rivers". "This is not just another pocket-set video."

Features Sixteen Action Packed Chapters!

DVD Time: 2 Hours

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