Professional Canine Trapping with Kevin Kishel Blu-ray DVD #9776612

Professional Canine Trapping with Kevin Kishel Blu-ray DVD

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Spend some time with Kevin Kishel as he demonstrates the secrets to his trapping success! The most comprehensive and informative training video on the market. A rare look into the world of Kevin Kishel, internationally recognized scent manufacturer and professional trapper. Kevin is the founder and president of Kishel's Quality Animal Scents & Lures, Inc. Travel with him across Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming, and New York covering 4 hours of High Def intense instruction on canines, with never before seen tips, tricks and techniques. This training video is divided into 10 chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Trap Preparation
  • The Sets
  • Locations
  • Variations
  • Equipment
  • The Remake
  • Extra Tricks
  • Scents & Lures
  • Hodgepodge

Almost 4 hours of jam packed information.

Please note: The amount of information contained in this video is almost as much storage as 9 separate standard DVD's. A bargain Price when considering if you had to pay the price for 9 separate discs. We at Kishel's took the lead, and are setting the standards in the industry. Blu-ray Disc



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