Coyote Trapping Proven Methods from Kansas by Ed Schneider #978-0578148946

Coyote Trapping Proven Methods from Kansas by Ed Schneider

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Trapping Coyotes, Proven Methods from Kansas book by Ed Schneider (flexibound)

Trapping Coyotes was written in response by the many readers of my 1st book "One Square Mile". Due to overwhelming support for additional information, Ed Schneider broke down his Kanas Trapline methods used to harvest hundreds of coyotes each year. Topics are elementary as well as advanced. Chapters cover each detail about trapping predators and strategies used to bring in a large number of predators. Chapters cover Trapline Equipment, Preparation, Being prepared for winter, Trap Sets, Importance of sign, Baits and lures, Habitat, Location and Management of the Trapline, Avoidance and Stubborn Coyotes, Skinning, Marketing, and much more. Book includes 207 pages with color photos.

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