AuSable® Brand Trapper's Digging Sod Hoe  #ABT-4

AuSable® Brand Trapper's Digging Sod Hoe

Item#: ABT-4

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AuSable® Brand Trapper's Digging Sod Hoe "Built For The Toughest Traplines"

AuSable® Brand Trapper's Digging Hoe, is a handy tool for any trapper. The Trappers Hoe is 20 inches in overall length and used by trappers and hobby gardeners all across North America. This all around tool is great for trap setting, garden work, cutting small roots, and many other chores. All AuSable® Brand Trapping Tools are Proudly Made in the U.S.A. These tools are made for the serious trappers. All of the AuSable® Brand Tools have been field tested for years before being released to the public to ensure quality and dependability. Pro-Trappers across North America have used AuSable® Brand Trapping Tools with many success stories to talk about.

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