Predator Control Group Lures by Clint Locklear - 2oz

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Predator Control Group trapping lures developed and packaged by professional trapper Clint Locklear. 2oz. bottles.


Otter Call- An expensive combination of mink's and oils that stop the otter at your sets. I have heard people say you can't lure otter, but with otter call I have been doing it for years. In areas that have otter, use other call at your coon sets and pick up extra otter as you coon trap. Top notch, Custom made otter attractant.

River Raider - Thick, sticky lure that leaves a sweat minty overtone, then lays a sour odor that really calls on those cold nights. Excellent on land and deadly on the water line.
(for Raccoons)

Fur Check - This is a thick intriguing lure that makes the coyote dig and tromp all over the set. Not another "pup only" lure. Fur Check works on the old dogs as well. Loud, thick, and potent (For Fox, Bobcat and Coyote)

Musky - A Blend of five aged musk's and a blend of essentail oils that grab and hold the coyotes, bobcat and foxes attention at the set. Plays off the territoral/hunger/curiosity responses of predators.

Beaver Buffet - Superior food lure that reaches out and calls in the beaver. Developed on the ADC line for those spooky beaver. Thick and alluring food beaver call.

Paw Placer - Developed from my ADC lines. Plays on the territorial weakness and capitalizes on the sexual and curiosity habits of old coyotes. Works well even in warm weather, really shines at flat sets.

Enrager - A castor based beaver call that uses a combination of oils that just plain make the beaver lose control with anger. Some beavers will react so violently to this lure, they will tear up the bank 10 feet around the lure.

Grey Getter - Persimmon is the over tone of this food lure. I have found nothing better for areas with both Grey Fox and Raccoon. Excellent ingredients that won't disipate at your sets.

Cat Fancy - My go to Cat lure. It's loaded with cat glands and other calls that tell the cat where to go. Not a Catnip lure. Bobcats only react to certain odors and Cat Fancy has them ramped up to perfection.


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