Bridger No.3 Coil Spring Regular #BR-510R

Bridger No.3 Coil Spring Regular

Item#: BR-510R

Price: $14.30

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Traps comes in offset or regular jaws. This trap is the best #3 being built today. The #3 is very well balanced to come straight up and out of the trap bed. A well balanced trap is so very important. This trap has thick heavy jaws with a 6 1\2" jaw spread, outside to outside adjustable oblong pan, heavy base, high levers, and center swiveled. 12" chain with 4-way swivel on end of 4 m.m. straight link chain. Comes with a long spring pin for easy four-coiling, also gives trap more balance when set. This trap is excellent for bobcat, coyote, beaver and otter. 4-coiled this trap makes an excellent beaver trap.
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