Base Plates with D-Rings #Base01

Base Plates with D-Rings

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These 3/16" think baseplates strengthen a trap frame and have a D-ring for easy center swivel hookup. Prevents hard fighting animals or strong springs from bending a trap's frame. Welding, bolting, or riveting required.

BP-1 D-Ring Baseplate: D-Ring Baseplate - fit 1 1/2 Victor, 1 1/2 Montgomery, 1 1/2 & 1.65 Bridger, 1 1/2& 1 3/4 Northwoods, 1 1/2 Duke

BP-2 D-Ring Baseplate: 1/75 & 2 Victor, 2 Bridger with 3/4"BP, 2 Duke

BP-3 D- Ring Baseplate: fits 2 Bridger with1" baseplate, 2 Northwoods, 2 Montgomery, 5 DLS Bridger.

BP-4 D-Ring Baseplate: fits most 3 & 4 Coilspring traps

Bp-5 D-Rings Baseplate: fits 3 longspring traps

BP-6 D-Rings Baseplate: fits 4 longspring trap

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