Comstock Double Door Beaver Trap with Escape Door #CB39DDED

Comstock Double Door Beaver Trap with Escape Door

Brand: Comstock Beaver Trap

Item#: CB39DDED

Price: $308.00

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Attention Beaver Trappers and Animal Damage Control officers! We have a Beaver Trap that you must add to your beaver trapping arsenal. The Comstock Double Door Beaver Trap Model #CB39DDED is the trap for you. Designed for both Beavers and Otters. They are caught as they swim through this trap when set underwater or partially underwater. Triggered by a swing bar wire trigger mechanism which allows you to capture the most trap shy animals and does not have a trip pan for animals to avoid. The powerful doors will actually lift and push the animal into the trap. This beaver traps weight is 23lbs. and is contstructed of heavy 12 guage 1.5"x1.5" wire mesh and measures 39"x18"x12". 

Note: This model features a built in escape door for otter and other non target catches that can be left open

Note: All comstock traps are made to order and manufactured on a first in first out basis. Please allow added processing time for this trap to ship. Additional Shipping Charge may apply to select zip codes.


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