Handmade CDR 7.5 Beaver Trap #CDRTrap

Handmade CDR 7.5 Beaver Trap

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The C.D.R. 7.5  (4x4) Beaver Coil Spring Trap

The C.D.R. 7.5 Handmade in the USA by Trappers for Trappers. The fastest large jaws coil-spring trap on the market today! The strongest music wire springs ever used! The only beaver trap equipped with a Paws I trip pan system direct from the manufacturer. Full length base plates and D ring for bottom swiveling. Unique notch in wire lever lets the loose jaw lay flat every time. Traps comes complete with 8" Heavy Duty #3 machine chain and 2 Heavy Duty swivels.


7-½ inch jaw spread

  • 4-Coiled
  • Wire Levers
  • Paws-I-Trip Pans
  • Super Strong Music Wire Springs. Eliminates pull-outs. 
  • Full-length base plate and D-ring for bottom swiveling.
  • Unique notch in wire lever - loose jaw lays flat every time.
  • Eight inches H.D. #3 machine chain and two H.D. swivels.
  • Handmade in Ohio by Trappers for Trappers.



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