J.C. Conner The Badger Tool #CH101

J.C. Conner The Badger Tool

Brand: J.C. Conner

Item#: CH101

Price: $39.99

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I got the idea of welding the hoe and the trowel together just to see how workable it would be, and was pleased at the job it did cutting and digging, and how well it worked on the trapline. I was well satisfied! After marketing my trapping videos, and the trappers saw firsthand how I used the tool, I had a lot of inquiries about it. The only problem – I was not able to get the "Yo-Ho" tools I had used in the past, as they had gone out of business. At this time, I decided to manufacture my own, making it more heavy duty to stand up to hard use. This is how the Badger™, the Sod Devil™ and the Jim Digger™ came about.
The Badger™
Two diggers in one. Length is 27 inches.
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