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Caven's Quality Lures & Baits #CavensAvailable in 1oz. and 4oz. glass bottles. See below............

*Minnesota Red - Red Fox gland lure. Use for scent posts, dirt sets and as a suspicion remover.

*Minnesota Grey - Grey Fox gland. Good for greys at dirt and scent posts.

*Canine Force - Canine Food/Call. Great on dirt hole sets for fox and coyote.

*Gusto - LDC lure. Made for fox, coyotes, bobcat and fishers.

*Yodel Dog - Coyote gland. This is a very thick and long-lasting gland lure.

*Feline Fix - Bobcat gland lure. This thick lure is loaded with expensive bobcat glands for a natural odor.

* Mink Master - Mink gland lure. Gets the big bucks moving. Use for fox, coyote and coon sets.

*Moonshine - Raccoon Call/Food lure. Better than one ingredient lures. This one will give you variety.

*Timber - Beaver call lure. Only the best, fullest castors go into this waterproof-proof based lure.

*Bread and Butter - Muskrat Call lure. A careful blend of several 'rat calling agents. Shake this one before using.

 *Minnesota Special - (All Purpose Call Lure) castor, muskrat glands and musks combine to attract all furbearers.

*NEW - TREE CLIMBER - Marten & Fisher lure.



Available in the following:

*Hiawatha Valley Predator Bait - 9oz. - Long distance bait used for red fox, grey fox, coyote and coon. This is our #1 seller.

*Minnesota Valley Predator Bait - 9oz - Same ingredients as Hiawatha, but made for flat sets. Good for red fox, greys, coyote and coon.

*Minnesota Coon & Mink Bait - 9oz. - One of the best Coon & Mink bait combo on the market today.

NEW - MN. Brand Bobcat Chunk Bait - 16oz. - Chunk bait that you can use for Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, Coon.

NEW - MN. Predator Plus Bait - 16oz. - This is an effective paste bait for Fox, Coyote, Bobcat, Coon and Fisher.

*Terminator - 4oz. - Multi-purpose bait in liquid form. Equally attractive to fox, coyote , bobcat, coon and mink.

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