Extreme Fox & Coyote - Vol. I DVD #EXTRVOLI

Extreme Fox & Coyote - Vol. I DVD


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. "Take Your Trapping to the eXtreme!" **Featuring Special Night Vision Footage. The most extensive Fox and Coyote Locating & Trapping Video by J.W. Crawford. Volume I. **Approx. 2 Hours Fluff-Free Learning. DVD. Dozens of locations for fox and coyote-East/West. Aerial footage of: locations, dispersal travel-trails, and blockage points. Learn proper trap selection and tuning to cut down pattern misses. Detailed construction of several types of holes and flat sets. Dozens of live catches of fox and coyote. Three change up/trick sets for trap-wise canines. We'll teach you pure trapping fundamentals and locations. Don't envy the guy who catches 100+ animals...Show him how it's done! NOW available in DVD.
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