Fulltime Trapping by Ron Hauser DVD #FT Ron Hauser

Fulltime Trapping by Ron Hauser DVD

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Fulltime Trapping by Ron Hauser DVD. Ron Hauser, veteran trapper of over 30 years, has trapped in eight sates and spends up to nine months of the year in pursuit of fur, turtles, and ginseng. Watching him you will learn many tricks that have help him catch more then 70 raccoons in a day and 30 plus mink on other days along with muskrats and beaver in good numbers.
This tape is an instructional 100% in the field, no shop talk...
You will see water sets for Rats, mink, coon like you have never seen before. Many other sets that you will love to watch. 

DVD time 3hours and 45 minutes (two Video Set)
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