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Grawe's Trapping Lures & Baits #Grawes1



All Grawe's Trapping lures sold in 1 oz. bottles.

*K-7- A new concept that coyotes, fox, cats and coon cannot leave alone. Does not fade, dry out, or freeze.

*Old Yeller!- An outstanding producer of fox, coyote and coon.

*Mink #1- While this is attractive to mink, it is especially deadly on male mink.

*Mink #2- This is our top selling mink lure. A heavy paste lure that won't wash away.

*Big Red Fox #1- Red fox gland lure. Good all season

*Red Fox #2- Here is a good Heavy-based lure loaded with real fox for calling odors.

Pacer #3- This thick, heavy lure is well-blened with extremely rare and costly ingredients, but well worth it.

*Winter Load- This lure is most effective for long range winter use. Containing an "oily" skunk essence, it can be used right at the set or on a weed or post above ground.

*Grey Ghost- One of our top sellers, this is very concentrated. A pasty lure that works for fox, coyote, mink and coon with results.

*Yote Duster #1- A thick, heavy lure that is made up entirely of only the strongest anal glands cut and collected.

Grand Coyote #2- This one stands apart from the rest in hiding ability. Lasts for days and even weeks.

*Gray Stone - This gland lure will really excite and remove fear. Great for grey.

*Fisher - A heavy, long reaching, non-freezing lure that no fisher will pass on.

*Cross Creek Coon - This one won't wash out or freeze for you, and the coon definitely zero in on this one.

Ratty Rat - Attracts a greater number than common apple, cherry, ect.

Beaver #1 - Made of a base of only the finest aged castor, and blended with three essentail ingredients. Won't wash or frezze out.

Beaver #2 - Riverhorse beaver lure.

*Cat #1- This is a thick, powerful lure aged to give off a "puggy" cat odor.

*Cat #2 - One of our greatest blend of curiosity-type lures for the cat family. Really pulls the cat off their line of travel.

*Fat Cat Lure - This is now a lure. One of the best bobcat lures used by the western trappers and compunded by Grawes. (4oz)

BIG Stinky Bait - Grawes Ultimate Raccoon Bait. Will drive them crazy. (4oz)

Mustang Sally Lure - This is the ultimate specialty predator lure available. (4oz)

Big Boar Coon Bait 1/2 Pint

Sweet Pete All Season Coon Bait (4oz)

Sweet Skunk Bait (4oz)

Liquid Fox & Coyote Bait (4oz)










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