Hawbaker's Big Buck Lure #HBBlure15

Hawbaker's Big Buck Lure

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Hawbaker's Big Buck Lure


Hawbaker's Big Buck Lure was developed after long years of experiments.  This lure is made from parts of our native deer and Asiatic deer, and passion ingredients from the deep jungles of Africa.

This lure is very attractive to all of the deer family.  In fact, when a deer gets a sniff of this lure, it comes directly to it without stopping.  Deer can smell it nearly 1,000 yards away when the wind is right.  Big bucks love its pleasant odor.  Does are attracted in about the same way.  So, regardless which sex you hunt, Big Buck Lure will do the trick for you.

Hawbaker's Big Buck Lure comes in a 1 oz. glass bottle.  This lure also helps eliminate human odor, which is the big cause of so many hunters not getting their buck each season.

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