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Hawbaker's Lures & Baits. They get results. All lures packaged in 1oz. glass bottles with metal lid. Guaranteed fresh! Raccoon and Fox & Coyote bait also available.

Red Fox Gland 100 - A real thick matrix gland lure. All time best seller!

Red & Grey Fox 200 - A properly aged curiosity lure attracts both red and greys.

Red Fox Food Lure 400 - Good for red or grey fox.

Wiley Red Special 500 - The fox lure of fox lures. Good in any season.

LDC 600 - Long Distance Call Lure. Made for extra distance calling for fox and coyote. Contains skunk essence.

Red Reynard 700 - An early season lure for fox trappers.

Widow Maker 800 - Works wonders on both red and grey fox. Thousands upon thousands of bottles sold of this one!

Fox & Coyote 4 - Good all season. The will investigate.

Beaver Castor Paste - Hawbakers only offers the best castor period!

Grey Fox 100 - The same as Red Fox Gland 100 except grey fox parts are used.

Grey Fox Food - This lure is sure to attract the greys to your set.

Coyote & Wolf Gland 100 - A natural all season coyote and wolf lure.

Coyote Special 200 - Creates sexual excitement and is good all season.

Coyote Food 400 - Good in any season of the year for yotes.

Coyote 500 - This is Hawbakers best selling coyote lure.

Skunk & Opossum Lure - Pile up the skunks an possums with this lure.

Wildcat 1 - Bobcat gland lure.

Wildcat 2 - Contains plenty of genuine catnip. Use with wildcat #1.

Beaver Lure - Blended castor, oil sacs. A killer for old chiseltooth.

Raccoon Lure - No coon will pass your set without stopping to investigate when used.

Otter Lure - Crammed full of mink musk and just the ticket for the otter as well as mink.

Big 3 - Use for Mink, Muskrat and Raccoon.

Muskrat 1 - Blended with catnip, sweetflag, carrot, rat musks and castor.

Muskrat 2 - This lure contains ingredients that really call in the rats.

Muskrat 5 - This the muskrat lure for spring trappers.

Mink 1 - A mink killer period.

Mink 2 - A change up from Mink #1

Sure Catch - A very thick call lure that won't wash away in the rain used for fox and coyote

Concentrated Clam Oil - One of the best shellfish lures on the market today. Raccoon can't resist.

Marten Lure

Fisher Lure

Weasel Lure

Bear Lure

Skunk Essence 1/2 oz. bottle

Raccoon Bait 4oz. - A bait that no raccoon will pass up.

Fox & Coyote Bait 8oz. - A meat paste bait that sure to attract fox and coyotes to your sets.

NEW! MOUSE PLUS BAIT 4oz. - Use for Fox, Coyote and Bobcat



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