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Molnar's Quality Animal Lures and Baits available in the following:

*Indian Hollow - Predator Bait. One of the most potent baits on the market today! This is a personal favorite. This bait is a long distance calling bait for fox, coyote, coon and bobcat. Plenty of musk and castors added. The all-around predator bait.

*Predator Power - Paste Bait. This one will sure stop any canine that is on or around your line with special scent.

*Coon Butter - Extreme Bait. Has a unique smell that reaches out and grabs the #uriosity of coon in all weather. Thick to where it can be spread on and will hold both in texture and smell. It will also work on Mink.

NEW! Dutch Harbor - Fish Grease - Tested Formula. Smear it on your set and will catch. Long Lasting ater resistant paste bait.

"Rising River" Coon, Mink, Fish Rased Ground. This is one of our old stand by baits.

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