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Manufactured in the USA since 1952. This pole was designed by Ketch-All Company and is used by animal control professionals and other animal handlers throughtout the world. The pole is famous for it's versatility. Up a tree - under a building - or in a storm drain, the animal can easily be rescued with a Ketch-All extension pole. When retracted, it may be used as a heavy duty restraining device.. Available in the following sizes:

*3' Ketch-All Pole ($84.99)
*4' Ketch-All Pole ($94.99)
*5' Ketch-All Pole ($109.99)
*4-6' Adjustable Ketch-All Pole Telescopes from 4-6 feet in length. ($129.99)

*7-12' Adjustable Ketch-All Pole Telescopes from 7 to 12 feet in length. ($179.99)


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