Michicraft L17 Aluminum Canoe

Brand: Michicraft

Item#: L17

Price: $1288.00

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Michicraft canoes made in the USA are strong and durable that are very popular with canoe liveries and paddling enthusiasts alike. Over the years we have refined the this brand canoe to help improve its performance and durability under the harsh conditions and heavy usage that they must undergo as part of a livery fleet. Michicraft canoes are unpainted aluminum on the outside and are painted with non-skid paint on the inside to help improve traction and safety.

L-Models are stretched out of .040 aircraft aluminum and are heat treated. This model comes with three ribs in each of the models. The L-15 and L-17 have stretched-in sponsons, while the L-12 and L-13 have smooth sides.

Model L-17 Double End .040

Price: $1,288.00

Note: Additional Freight Charges may apply to select zip codes in the United States. You will be contacted if additional charges apply.

Model L-17

Price: $1,171


Weight 72 lbs.
Centerline Length 17'
Beam 36"
Depth -
Transom Width N/A
Transom Height -
Persons 5
Max. Capacity 695/770 lbs.
Max. Horsepower 5
Hull Thickness 0.04
Number of Ribs 3
Stern Type Double-Ended


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