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Dobbin's Trapping Lures

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Paul Dobbin's Proffessional Trapping Lures. Available in 1oz glass bottles ($7.50). Select lures available in 4oz glass bottles ($25.00).

Back Breaker - Beaver lure. Heavy on the castor. Our #1 Seller! This is Charley's favorite for winter and spring beaver trapping.

Woodchipper - Food lure that works all year at all sets. It surpasses Dobbin's other beaver lures during the warmer months. Great for ADC work as well.

Beaver Plus - Beaver lure. Also works on raccoon, otter and muskrat. An alternate lure for use when a different smell at a set is desired.

Muskrat Lure #1 - The name speaks for itself. If you've never tried a muskrat lure that worked - give this one a try - it produces results!

Coon Candy - Very sweet. Raccoons can't resist.

All Call - Mild canine call lure.

Tri-Nitro - Curiosity lure for fox, coyote and bobcat.

Old Grey Buzzard - Late season grey fox lure.

Mississippi Special - Canine food lure.

Canine Select - Curiosity lure.

GL40 - Red Fox Gland lure.

Purrfect - Bobcat Gland lure.

Beaver Castor Tincture

Dobbins' Bait Solutions - Includes bag of sodium benzoate. 16oz bottle. Contains enough solution to treat one gallon of bait to be used for predator trapping. Instructions included.































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