High Performance Snaring 2 DVD by Clint Locklear #Locklearvd0613

High Performance Snaring 2 DVD by Clint Locklear

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Snares are fast, efficient, and a proven fur taker. Follow Clint Locklear on his land and water trap lines. Clint explains snaring for the beginner and experienced snare man. He covers his Ambush kill area system that he uses to snare up to 700 animals a year. Location is important with traps, but twice as important with snares. Clint explains where he snares and why. Come along and learn how you can be a High Performance numbers snare man.  3 hours.

„h Location
„h Ambush / Kill Area Snare System
„h Coyotes, Cats, Coon , Fox, Beaver, Mink, and Otter
„h Several Snare Systems to Speed Up Your Operation
„h How to Run Your Line to Cover Lots of Ground and Several Hundred Snares a Day
„h Covers Both Water and Land Snaring

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