Minnesota Brand MB-1216-JC Body Gripper Trap

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Minnesota Brand MB-1216-JC Body Gripper Trap

Minnesota Brand MB-1216-JC Body Gripper Trap - The MB-1216-JC is the first of the Minnesota Brand line of heavy duty body grip traps and it's a whopper. This is the same Megabear trap that was developed and produced by John Caretti of Michigan for the past decade. We have worked with Mr. Caretti over the past two years to insure that his record of excellence is maintained in our shop. The Megabear has the strongest springs on the market and is the only body grip trap with full 3/8'' jaws and striker bars. We've installed our Minnesota Brand safety hooks that stay where you put them along with a tension adjustable trigger. The Megabear is extra heavy duty from top to bottom and assembled with 100% U.S.A. parts and components. Built in Minnesota by Rob Caven and crew. As with all large body grip traps we strongly encourage the use of a body grip safety gripper for personal safety. We have found the Sleepy Creek saftey fits best for this trap.

Minnesota Brand Body Gripper Traps.



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