MB 650 Cast Jaw #MB650C

MB 650 Cast Jaw

Item#: MB650C

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The MB-650 Cast Jaw Coyote & Bobcat trap is Made in USA with no foreign parts or material. The MB-650 is 4-coiled, base plated, center swiveled, and an extra heavy duty oversized pan which provides for a huge kill area. The pan tension is adjustable with a #10 brass pan bolt. Both heavy jaws are held down by the trigger system which will keep any animal from flipping up a loose jaw. The dog has a "step-down" notch milled into it that gives you an audible click when you're lowering the pan. MB Crunch proof swivels have been installed with heavy duty machined chain. Features heavy 3/8" thick, 1/4" offset positive locking malleable cast jaws. Inside jaw spread is 5 7/8".
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