MB-650 RJ Trap - Rubber Jaw

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Made in the USA The Minnesota Brand traps are made for trappers by trappers.

If you are looking for the perfect coyote trap that is designed specifically for coyotes then the MB-650 is the trap you need. Just dye and wax these traps and they're ready to go! Virtually anything that you could possibly want done to a trap to make it coyote proof is wrapped up here in one neat package. Rubber jaw version of the MB-650 Coyote & Bobcat Coil Spring Trap. The inside jaw spread is 5 7/8", and the outside jaw spread is 6 7/8".

The MB-650 is 4-coiled, base plated, center swiveled and has an extra heavy duty oversized pan which provides for a huge kill area. The pan tension is adjustable with a #10 brass pan bolt. Both heavy jaws are held down by the trigger system which will keep any animal from flipping up a loose jaw. The dog has a "step-down" notch milled into it that gives you an audible click when you're lowering the pan. We've of course installed our MB Crunch Proof Swivels and heavy duty American-made chain to top it off. * The MB-650, designed by trappers for trappers with animal comfort in the forefront.

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