MB-750 Beaver Coil Spring Trap Offset #MB750OSBR

MB-750 Beaver Coil Spring Trap Offset

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MB-750 Beaver Coil Spring Trap Offset


Check out these features of the MB-750 Offset Jaw Beaver Trap. 7 1/4" jaw spread -- equivalent to the largest trap currently being made for beaver. 4-coiled for strength, speed and stability. Both jaws held down by a special trigger system preventing beaver and otter from flipping up the loose jaw. Compact and extremely easy to bed in tight areas. Perfect for under ice platform sets. Heavy-duty frame with an additional 3/16" baseplate and D-ring. Heavy #10 brass bolt and nut for easy pan tension adjustment. Extra-heavy chain with MB Crunch Proof swivels at D-ring and chains' end.

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