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Mark June's Trapping Baits

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Ringtail Cocktail - A top notch coon bait. As the name says, this All Season coon bait is a mixture of smells that all work together to catch buckets of masked bandits. Salmon oil based with castor, shellfish and more.

Crawfish Bait - With June's Crawfish Coon Bait, dig a hole, stick this bait down it, and let the raccoons do the rest. Not only is this the supreme food source type bait, it is ground up with all the shells from the crawfish in it for super eye appeal. They smell it........they see the hole and got 'em! OUT OP (OUT OF STOCK)

Widowmaker - Out pride and joy predator bait. you can Smell all the top grade mink glands and beaver castor, but high grade agents like lanolin keep this bait going and going in harsh wet or dry weather. This is our #1 Seller!

NEW! Widowmaker (Persimmon) Bait - For those of you who live where persimmons grow, you quite often find predator scat that is FULL of persimmon seeds!

Fox, coyotes, and raccoons especially love to eat persimmons when they can find them, so we tested our Widowmaker Paste Bait spiked with a mild yet sufficient dose of persimmon and we quickly discovered we were on to something special.

Predators dig for and eat this bait like they mean business! Use this bait as a natural change-up to Widowmaker Paste Bait or as a different smell in areas where trapping pressure is intense and the competition is filling their dirt holes with tainted meats.

Comes in Pint(16oz) Jar


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