Marshland Muskrats by Ron Hauser DVD #MM by Ron Hauser

Marshland Muskrats by Ron Hauser DVD

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Marshland Muskrats by Ron Hauser DVD. Ron Hauser carries on the family tradition of trapping the Mashland Muskrat. The Muskrat has been the prize of many a trapper's first catch, and fur and food for the natives and pioneers of day gone by. Join Ron Hauser as he efficiently traps the ever-abundant Muskrat from his motor boat and walks the shorelines using his arsenal of traps including footholds, colony and body grip type traps. Share the thrill of many Doubles and Triples and Quads captured on film while open water "rat trapping". After freeze-up, Hauser traps several marshes, including the legendary Swan Lake of Southern Minnesota, the Midwest's largest producer of prime Muskrats west of the Mississippi. Learn how to trap prime ice rats the easy way,using simple sets that keep working in the extreme Minnesota cold. If you live for the thrill of trapping, you will certainly enjoy this unique, one of a kind video, trapping the MARSHLAND MUSRATS.

DVD: Approximately 2 hrs.
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